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  • Easy Gentoo - a free Linux distribution, based on Gentoo and Debian installer

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New Smartswitch release: 7.8

2015-09-03 09:28:20
We're glad to introduce to you new Smartswitch release: 7.8.

In this release:

  • Changes in a system of Routing by destination code.
    Previously system first got matching destination code from billing, and then routed a call by billing code of a destination.
    From now on the routing process is separated from billing - system finds the best matching routing settings basing on full dialed number.
    However linkage to a billing is preserved in a sense, that the call won't be routed by a system if there is no matching code in billing pack.
  • Added possibility of setting simultaneous call limit for destination zones.

  • A system of simultaneous call limitation has been completely rewritten.
    Previously it limited calls with +-1 accuracy, from now on it works extremely accurate.
  • Added possibility of configuring different timetables of invoice generation on per-company and per-user basis.
    Previously invoices have been generated in the same time for all users and companies.

  • Added default call handlers and settings which allow to deploy Virtual PBX and Softswitch solutions through the less number of clicks and settings.
  • Added an option to hide null Code reports and Financial report when grouping by company name.
  • Added a search filter by routes in Route classes
  • Added a range option "show calls with total duration" in a search filter of Call detail report.
  • Implemented "min. symbols" and "max. symbols" limits for Destination codes.
    System will discard calls which contain knowingly wrong numbers.

  • Passwords for VPN and AMI can be stored in encrypted form from now on.
    This enhances system's security.

  • Added a field "description" to Network -> Routes.
  • Added a billing by caller ID for outbound calls to users.
    This is needed for services of providing DIDs to your users.

  • Implemented caller name replacement by replace patterns.
    Previously you could replace only caller number.

  • Added feature of configuring FTP backup.
  • Added to Statistics report new column "duration" (this is billing duration), old column "duration" has been renamed to "real duration".
  • added feature of search by destination code description in Billing packs -> Price-lists -> Prices and Billing packs -> Destination codes
  • Added feature of import/export of destination zones.
    Also you can perform export of Destination codes and import into Destination zones, to initially setup destination zone set.

  • Many fixes in invoice generation - allows to use this feature in various combinations of modes.
  • Added a support of Payment systems and a feature of refill from inside web-cabinet.
    At the moment integration with Paymaster by HTTP protocol has been implemented and it already works in production.

  • Fixes for option "interval between calls" for terminator.
    Previously interval has been calculated as duration between the beginnging or current call and beginning of previous call.
    Now interval is calculated as duration between the beginning of current call and the end of previous call.

  • Implemented a Loop detection system.
  • Added a feature to Check routing right from Call detail report.
    This way you can simply compare the routing which has occurred on a completed call with his routing table according to configuration.

  • Added information about time zone in generated invoice
  • Change of a look of Call triggers.
    Also they've been renamed to Call generators.
    Also new options have been added.

  • Added SIP option "authenticate OPTIONS requests".
    It's needed to interconnect with partners which send SIP OPTIONS to determine your availability before originating call to you.

  • Fixes for IAX technology.
  • Added possibility to manually add Blocked destination codes and Blocked destination zones for terminators.
    This mode should enhance flexibility of blocking which provides Termination controller

  • Added Contacts to company's settings.
    Here you can add contact persons for the company and their contact data.

  • Added possibility to attach files to company's settings, for example, contracts.
  • Added possibility to attach file to a Contact in CRM.
  • Added possibility to send price-list to partner's e-mail with 1 click in format which is recognized by operators (see Price-list with changes).
  • added option "default caller ID" to SIP options.
    This value will be used in case if caller ID is absent.

  • Added possibility to configure HTML text with pictures in Mail templates.
  • Opened AMI command Originate to connect 3rd party CRM systems.
    Standard Originate command from vanilla Asterisk has been modified in order to initiate a call the same way as when initiating Callback through personal web-cabinet, including all limitations and billing.

  • added an IP firewall white-list, to which you can add trusted hosts, in order to not to block them with Fail2Ban

  • Address groups have been renamed to Number pools
  • Destination zones have been added for Route groups -> Members.
    There you can overwrite route priority and traffic portion for particular destination zone.

  • fixed error in cluster configurations - when adding a new file for Music on hold for master server, this wasn't reflected on slave server.
  • added possibility to choose destination zone in a filter in Code report.
  • added an option "write-off when deactivated" inside Periodic write-offs.
    Previously system hasn't written off from deactivated users.
    This option allows to overcome this limitation.

  • Added possibility to re-send e-mail from Mail detail report.
  • Added support for billing pack generation between various formats
  • Bug-fixes for call handler element PrefixAuth which performs Prefix authentication

New Smartswitch release: 7.7

2015-04-15 13:19:34
We are glad to introduce to you the new 7.7 release of Smartswitch.

In this release:

  • in your personal account on the login page the flag of the country is displayed, by clicking on which you can change the current locale
  • change for hangup causes for the cases when Billing pack contains disabled destination code - now, in this case the hangup cause code "No route to the direction" is returned.
  • added features of a CRM System
  • Simplified configuration for applications that require routing by prefix.
  • ability to search for the pattern description has been added to Destination codes
  • change in the Termination control - added the "answered count threshold" parmeter.
    If the number of calls answered is less than the threshold, ACD is not calculated and destination code is not blocked by a low ACD.
  • a package dbench has been added to the distribution for testing drive performance
  • The Call handler has been rewritten in JavaScript, to simplify its usage, from now on you don't need to install Java on your PC to use Smartswitch
  • You can now see the name of the user and the balance displayed in your web account
  • added the audio prompts replication between cluster nodes - from now on just upload files to a server and it automatically propagates to all other nodes.
  • added the option "delete address from batch group after pickup" for the Call triggers .
    It is necessary to implement the scheme, when the subscriber is dialled until he responds, and then he is not dialled anymore.
  • when configuring e-mail generatiion on the system, you can now request a delivery report from the e-mail recipient. You can see who definitely received the e-mail, you can see from the delivery report.
  • added the ability to bind the IP address to the VPN client, so that he has a regular IP address, rather than dynamically assigned at each connection from the pool.
  • logins and passwords for access to the various subsystems are gathered together in the tab Users -> Authentication
  • added AMI access for integration with third-party systems.
    At the moment, under the AMI user login, indications about new calls intended for the user could be obtained.
  • Bug fix: cloning call handler does not reload asterisk configuration
  • added the display modes Call detail report: extended and short
  • fixes to Call capturing to capture calls from users under NAT
  • at Check hunting you can now enter the name of the expected outbound peer, and if it is not in the routing table, the system will indicate the reason.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

2014-12-28 20:12:38
Merry Christmas and Happy New Yar to everyone!
Wish to you success and prosperity!

The work schedule of technical support for the period of celebrations:
31.12.2014 - 05.01.2015 - serving questions of 1st priority according to SLA in telephone mode.
06.01.2015 and later - working in regular mode.

New Smartswitch release: 7.6

2014-11-28 12:54:50
We are glad to present to you new Smartswitch release: 7.6.

In this release:

  • base operating system FreeBSD has been updated (8.3 -> 9.3)
  • web-framework has been updated, which caused small look and feel change
  • a method of configuration of periodic tasks in menu Tasks has been simplified
  • dynamic DTMF features are now configured in the menu of application Dial.
    Previously you had to specify features through variable DYNAMIC_FEATURES inside application Set
  • generation of encrypted MD5 secret in SIP parameters has been fixed.
  • optimization of Code report for large code sets
  • fixes for Reconciliation report
  • new navigation mode, which is based on tabs
  • fixes for accuracy for Periodic write-offs
  • added new option for file import - skip last rows
  • added new application to call handler - Echo

New Smartswitch release: 7.5

2014-09-24 16:18:18
We are glad to introduce to you new Smartswitch release: 7.5.

In this release:

  • Added progress indicator to web-interface.
    This allows to execute long-lasting actions, without the issue of ending a web session by browser on response timeout.
  • Agents have been moved to Users.
    This allows to grant privileges of users to employees, for example, to make SIP calls or send fax from their web account.
    Also users might obtain privileges of agents.
    To control the level of access you can via system of Roles.
    This step was needed to implement many of the features of Virtual PBX and Dealer mode.
  • Added new parameter use Q.850 reason in SIP settings, which allows to send and store in CDR ISDN hangup cause code on call hangup.
  • Added feature to import/export of Excel in all menus of a system, where there is present a possibility to import or export.
  • A new method of handling price-lists which is based on destination code changes has been added to Billing packs.
    This allows to maintain an independent change log of billing parameter changes for each destination code.
    Also this allows a new feature of automatic prices import which come as e-mail attachments.
  • Added a new feature of configuring white and black lists of called and callee IDs together with blocking calls which fit into these lists. This feature is available in settings of all peers.
  • Added a new mode of duration rounding - to greater second.
    This mode could be chosen for the whole node as well as for some specific company.
  • Added Replacement classes for import.
    In these classes one can configure replacement rules for values which are imported from a file.
  • Added new feature of Prices by e-mail - automatic prices import from e-mail attachments.
  • Enhancement of security - fail2ban rules have been extended with ones for H.323 protocol
  • in all reports added a feature of time zone selection for display.
  • added a feature of saving several payments per one invoice.
    This can happen when customer pays with several payments instead of one.
  • added a new feature of IP address displaying on Active calls menu
  • Added new parameter CPS limit, which limits maximal calls per second which are allowed to be taken in handling.
    This parameter serves for prevention from DoS attacks due to high CPS.
    This parameter is available in settings of all peers and node in general.
  • implemented filter and search in Route classes
  • added new menu - Object history.
    This menu is present in settings of each object in a system and enables querying for all changes which this object got from the time of its creation.
  • A new flag has been added to Call detail report - show calls without billing.
    This flag should ease search for calls for which there've been no prices.
  • For file import there has been added a feature to collect all errors and displaying them by a list.
    Also the old method of import - till the first error happens - has been preserved.
  • Call forwarding has been placed into system's core, redirection settings have been added to user's settings via separate tab.
  • Added new menu - Billing pack import exceptions.
    Here one can define billing parameters, which are defined in contract with partner, and which may not match with parameters which partner sends in price-lists.
  • A new column has been added to Call handler - variable.
    Here one can specify a name of variable, from which application may take the value.
    This allows to specify value through variable for fields with check-box or drop-down menu.
  • Lots of optimizations for Call capturing
  • added new technology: IAX
  • added new report: Reconciliation report
  • added feature of direct Fax sending through web account withou the need to save file in Buffer
  • Origination controller has been reworked to work with the same logic as Termination controller works - with automatic checking, blocking and unblocking.
  • Added a feature to schedule Billing re-calculation.
    Therefore, you can schedule redo billing to some specific time and then check result of operation without the need to have browser window opened for the whole duration of operation, which could last for hours.
  • a Roles system has been significantly extended.
    From now on one can control availability of each field in web-interface.
  • amount of information, which is sent by e-mail when sending notification e-mail of Termination controller and Origination_controller, has been extended.
    Added variable ${PERIOD} for mail template, which contains period, for which check has been done.
  • In Call detail report has been added a new field - PDD - and calls filtering by PDD has been implemented.
  • added new applications to Call handler: SIPAddHeader and SIPRemoveHeader, which allow to add and remove arbitrary fields from SIP headers.
  • An issue has been fixed - when call is hanged up by originator with CANCEL in CDR there is a hangup cause "No route to destination" while should be "Normal clearing"
  • CDR insertion has been optimized, now it is performed in parallel in several threads.
    Also if one of tables is not available for insertion, for example as result of blocking during long query during report generation, the insertion to other tables continues.
  • implemented a new feature of SMS sending from web account of a user.
  • displaying of a sum of invoices has been fixed in reports.
    Previously a sum of invoices invoiced for a period has been displayed there.
    Now there is a sum of services provided for period is shown.
    In some circumstances it can be different values.
  • Implemented a check for complexity of entered password.
    Not only a password length is checked but its matching to a dictionary word and if it's systematic or not.
    This increases the safety of a system.
  • Call handler now can be redefined for a user to be different from the one which is set for user group.
    This is needed for virtual PBX mode.
  • Implemented a new billing mode - Dealer.
    This is needed for virtual PBX mode and to support switch partitioning in dealer mode.
  • Billing pack and route class now can be redefined for user to a different value from the value which is set for user group.
    This is needed for Dealer mode.
  • Elements of a call handler have passed safety check.
    The main purpose of a check - provision of impossibility of a user of virtual PBX to get access to data of some other user.
  • Telephony service is now set up by default in Cluster settings.
    So now there is no necessity to choose it in Company's settings when creating new company, unless you don't want to redefine it.
    Telephony service is used while performing invoice generation.
  • significant optimization of Billing re-calculation and support for Dealer mode.
  • a Dial application now has option of timeout (sec) set by default to 60.
    Previously it was empty (means no timeout).
  • a Call handler has been updated to work on latest Java versions, which are installed on client's PC, and not only Java 7u25, as it was previously.
  • Many of other minor fixes and optimizations - 2452 revisions from the previous release.

We are very thankful to our customers, which were with us during implementation of these changes and who gave great help in testing and pointing to best way of implementation!

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