Download is the official website of Streamco. Company's portfolio includes:

  • Smartswitch - a class 4/5 telephony switch with integrated billing and advanced features. You can learn more about system's interface and capabilities using our demo
  • Easy Gentoo - a free Linux distribution, based on Gentoo and Debian installer

Much more information could be found in our Wiki.

Attention! Our company doesn't relate to our previous domain name, which is currently used by other people who doesn't relate to us in any way.

New client: Call Relatives

2009-09-17 18:14:42
We are glad to introduce a new client: a Call Relatives from Russian Federation.

Company's field of interest is the international call services for the end users. A Smartswitch product has been successfully installed an integrated into the company's infrastructure.

Telephony PC hardware support

2009-08-29 13:52:19
Together with the technicians from the Neophone company the Smartswitch + PRI PCI card from Digium testing has been done.

At the current point of time we provide Smartswitch based on the FreeBSD OS, therefore we used the last stable zaptel port for the FreeBSD to add support for this telephony card.

As a result, system worked as a SIP<->PRI gateway. The only bad thing was that driver for the card from the zaptel port for FreeBSD works very unstable. Sporadically it leads to kernel panic.

As Digium representatives state, they will produce drivers for telephony cards only for Linux platform. Porting to other OS is done by enthusiasts. Thus, these ports are not always stable. It appears, that this practice is common among all the other vendors of the telephony PC cards.

Thus we decided:

  • To begin porting of the system to Linux. However this doesn't mean that we are going to drop support for FreeBSD. Both operating systems have pros and cons. Thus we will produce distributions for both OS simultaneously. The exact OS for installation will be chosen basing on the customer's needs. Also, situation with the FreeBSD port might change soon (hopefully);
  • To add support for telephony PC cards into our system.

We are very grateful to Neophone company for equipment and support in setup,

New client: Neophone

2009-08-17 11:33:49
We are glad to announce, that one more company has chosen our product as the most suitable one!
Russian telecommunication company Neophone decided to use a Smartswitch for the wholesale switching.

Next Smartswitch release: 5.1

2009-06-08 21:42:40
In this release one should be able to notice:

  • Web portals for companies (for company's representative) and users. There they should be able to see their statistics, that is updated in the real-time mode;
  • Support for russian and english locales in web-interface and support for automatic locale selection basing on browser settings;
  • Multicurrency in pricing, routing, as well as multicurrency balance management;
  • Financial report. Eases company's accounting and makes possible to make an invoice in traditional way;
  • Extended capabilities for displaying results of reports (including graphs);
  • Country destination codes with the ability of management, importing and exporting. They make reports more understandable, and operator's work easier and faster.

Download and check out!

Media Link Ukraine chooses Smartswitch

2009-05-24 21:34:10
Media Link Ukraine is the provider of the modern services. It provides the international calls service, connects the end users to the internet and implements the Wi-Fi solutions.

A Smartswitch has been successfully deployed in the company's infrastructure and acts as the voice switch for the end users.

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