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Smartswitch: Functionality

Smartswitch is a Class 4/5 software telephony switch. Product is being constantly improved.

Key features:

  • All-in-one system. No need for separate servers for signaling, media or billing;
  • Flexible hunting based on the current configuration and accounting information;
  • Configuration changes in real-time mode;
  • Custom call handling that is configured via Visio-like Call Handler GUI;
  • Integrated billing;
  • Fast, user-friendly web interface;
  • Great amount of supported hardware;
  • Wide support of VoIP protocols and media formats;
  • Extendable architecture;

Key telephony features:

  • Great amount of supported VoIP protocols (including SIP and H323);
  • Audio codecs (including automatic transcoding):
    • G.729 (in proxy mode - G729AB, in transcoding mode - G729A);
    • G.723;
    • GSM;
    • G.711 ulaw;
    • G.711 alaw;
    • G.726;
    • ADPCM;
    • LPC;
    • slin;
    • speex;
    • iLBC;
    • G.722;
    • codec2
  • Video codecs:
    • H261;
    • H263;
    • H263p;
    • H264.
  • Direct RTP support;
  • T.38 fax support;
  • High performance (more than 1000 simultaneous calls per server);
  • VoIP protocols are supported in B2BUA mode (on the contrast with proxy mode). This makes possible to execute any codec/protocol transcoding and protocol dialect normalization.
  • Compatibility. Many vendors doesn't state that they support each other, but they almost certainly say that they support Asterisk;
  • New! FAS detector (fake answer start detector) that will allow you to quickly determine unfair providers. It performs its task by analyzing the media stream in real-time mode.

Key hunting and routing features (applicable when used as Softswitch)

  • Any inbound traffic entry point can have its own hunting class (a set of rules that define how hunting table should be built);
  • Team-up with the financial information for partner authorization basing on payments processed and current balances;
  • Hunting basing on:
    • price (Least Cost Routing);
    • price priority;
    • peer priority;
    • route priority;
    • ASR;
    • ACD;
    • matched code length;
  • Time-dependent hunting - implemented using price-list substitution timetable;
  • Flexible caller/callee ID substitution using regular expressions;
  • You can check in web interface how your routing is performed according to configuration without making real calls.

Billing key features:

  • Works in real-time mode. No separately launched processes/servers needed;
  • Integrated in the system's core - all authorized calls will be stored in database, and all of them will be billed according to the actual, at the moment the call was made, configuration;
  • Flexible tariff settings allow to set up the billing increment, the connection price and much more;
  • Performance. Due to its integration in the core billing is performed very fast;
  • Flexibility - every inbound/outbound dial-peer can have its own price-list;
  • Reliability - whenever the system crashes, all calls are billed on system respawn and nothing is lost;
  • Support for multi-currency in pricing, routing and balance management for companies and end users;
  • Possibility to update user balance during the call handling - needed for complex callback and IVR-based services.

Web interface key features:

  • Performance. Interface was developed using the Fast CGI technology and is AJAX-enabled. This makes possible to achieve minimum query reaction time among all other content-generation technologies available;
  • Usability. The navigation menu and the quick links greatly ease interaction with the system;
  • User-friendliness. We were inspired by Web 2.0 methodology when creating it;
  • Advanced reporting features;
  • Web portal for administrators, companies and users;
  • Internationalization. Full support for english and russian locales.