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Solutions: SMS-services

In case if you own a Smartswitch system, you can sell SMS-based services to your clients (both end users and corporate). Clients call services, using a predefined set of commands.

Command examples:

command action
D${NUMBER} bridge subscriber's caller ID with NUMBER
D${NUMBER1} D${NUMBER2} fork calls to NUMBER1 and NUMBER2 and bridge subscriber's caller ID with the first answered, hangup the other
A${CALLERID} Register caller ID CALLERID into the subscriber's account
R${PIN} Register subscriber's caller ID on the account with PIN
P${PIN} Refill subscriber's account from the other account or from refill voucher identified by PIN
T${TIME} D${NUMBER} Dial NUMBER when TIME comes and perform callback to caller ID
D#1 Dial first number from contact list and perform callback to caller ID
B${CALLERID}-${AMOUNT} Transfer AMOUNT to the customer's account identified by CALLERID

You can assign other labels to commands. Commands can be mixed in arbitrary order, for example you can refill and trigger a callback in a single SMS.

Figure 1, Dial using SMS-command.

On Figure 1 you can see, how subscribers of different networks are bridged together by an SMS, that has been sent from a cellular phone,

Imagine, that you are a Provider1. User (probably he has bought a prepaid card from you) sends SMS that looks like "D380673334445" to your service access number. SMS reaches SMS-gateway, and then a Smartswitch, for example by HTTP (or by bluetooth, if the SMS gateway is a cellular phone). The latter handles SMS, authorises the user and triggers a direct call to the number 380673334445 via Operator1, When answered, system plays audio prompt (probably, saying something like "Please , hold on") and calls the SMS sender (callback) via Operator2. When answered, system bridges users together. System hangs up the call as soon as user's balance becomes non-positive. After hanging up, system accounts calls and sends balance to user by SMS via the SMS-gateway.

This is just an example, you can implement a completely different scheme, using Graphical constructor.