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Easy Gentoo

Easy Gentoo - free Linux distribution based on Gentoo.

Distribution is a 100% authentic (without modifications) Gentoo system, that is installed using patched Debian installer.

Original Gentoo distribution has a variety of features that distinguish it from other Linux distributions. For example, a portage system, that enables you to install packages from source codes, a very similar to FreeBSD 's ports system. Portage, just like as ports, allows to track and automatically resolve package dependencies, and to select package build options. This enables you to build system that is optimized for your needs.

However, besides having these (and other) fancy features , original Gentoo distribution has a few drawbacks that are linked with each other. Among them are:

The goal of Easy Gentoo product is to eliminate these drawbacks.
Also, we wanted our distribution to be as ideologically similar to FreeBSD as possible.

When using Debian installer we get:

After installation from CD you get 100% authentic Gentoo system. After loading you can finalize your system and install additional packages from internet just like in the original Gentoo.

Key features of Easy Gentoo: