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Smartswitch: 3rd Party Software

Smartswitch has been integrated with 3rd party software:

Product Vendor Description
Captura Billing The Captura System comprises of a full featured wholesale billing system which can be used for billing and for reconciliation purposes.

The Captura Wholesale Billing System as part of the whole Captura provides the mean to generate invoices for customers and to verify invoices provided by suppliers.

Invoices can be done manually, scheduled, exported and if required sent via e-mail.
Invoices can be generated for all destinations or for some destinations of customers for given periods. They can be generated manually or scheduled together with the CDRs printed, exported and e-mailed.

Working in virtual real time the Captura Billing module is ideal for checking invoices both supplier and customer, quickly resolving billing disputes, reconciliation and revenue assurance.

A telephony core of Smartswitch has been successfully integrated with Captura Billing. Smartswitch is directly connected to Captura Billing via database. CDRs that are generated by Smartswitch are handled by Captura Billing. Prices and routing that are configured in Captura Billing are reflected in Smartswitch. Therefore in this bundle Smartswitch is used purely as telephony and routing engine and Captura Billing is used for billing purposes.

Smartswitch is ready to be linked with Captura Billing for new installations.