Chapter 2. Installation

The working system consists of Package Environment (helper packages that are needed by system to work) and the Streamco Softswitch binary packages.

Package Environment contains such packages as asterisk, mysql, apache, etc.

Streamco Softswitch packages are: asterisk-glue and softswitch. Asterisk-glue serves for interconnection of asterisk and Streamco Softswitch modules (described above). Softswitch package contains all the modules.

Installation procedure

Installation procedure is simple and quite straight-forward.

1.Install FreeBSD and configure networking on it.

Instructions and how-to can be found on

2.Remove all packages from the system:

pkg_delete /var/db/pkg/*

3. Install the `wget` download manager:

pkg_add -r wget

4. Install Package Environment Streamco binary repository.


tar xvf package-environment-1.2.tar


5. Install softswitch binary packages.


pkg_add softswitch-trial-2.4.0.tbz