Chapter 3. Operation theory

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Naming concepts
Release codes

Streamco Switchboard is a software router for VoIP calls. In the world of VoIP this is called “softswitch”.


- is the complex process of finding outbound routes in responce to the inbound call and hunting on them.


is similar to round robin. The outbound call travels through the list of outbound routes until it finds the 'working' one.

Streamco Softswitch's routing has a set of concepts, that must be taken into consideration while using the system. They are tied to contemporary VoIP business concepts.

Naming concepts


is the traffic entry or exit point. Generally speaking, it's the remote peer description.

o traffic terminator.
  • mutual. It's the most interesting option. Let's suppose that we deal with the company in both directions. We originated call to some destinations to them and terminate calls to some destinations for them. In this situation we can manage mutual balance. It is calculated as the difference between the outbound balance and the inbound balance. Traffic, that was originated to us, will be cut off if the value of mutual balance becomes non-positive. But when it becomes positive again, the traffic will be routed.

  • If no balance cutoff option is used - that is equivalent to applying the postpaid billing scheme.