Call Detail Report

System has a wide variety of information displayed about finished calls. This makes possible to provide comprehensive billing and to debug/troobleshoot quality and routing of calls.

CDR information is stored in database immediately after call ends, so it's seen in web-interface as soon as possible.

That's just call listing one-by-one. To see CDR report for a specific peer, for example originator, go to editing mode of originator and press link Call Detail Report. You'll be prompted to time selection menu. Just like this:

"Show routed peer" checkbox enables display of remote peer. This slows down report display a little. But is very useful when troubleshooting the routing.

Statistics Report

On the contrary to Call Detail Report, this is not just call listing. Call Detail Report does some processing of the call data and is able to show ACD, ASR and some other interesting information. It works faster than Call Detail Report, because it takes data from the cache.

Cache is updated upon call ends, so Statistics Report is always up-to-date.

When you first enter it, you'll be prompted to time selection menu: