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Solutions: Call Termination

VoIP international trunking is an important business that generates important revenues. The idea behind this is to offer low-cost long-distance calls. An operator transports the calls using the Internet Protocol, being able this way to offer very cheap call rates to its customer.

The calls are ended on classical fixed or mobile telephone networks. For this reason the operator needs signaling and media gateways on the interconnection side. For call-control, call-routing, media-gateways control there is also need for a softswitch element in the network. Streamco Smartswitch can be a complete solution for the VoIP termination.

Once you have to deal with multiple providers, using different types of signalizations, you need to convert protocols. Streamco Smartswitch can provide this function for multiple types of protocols including SIP and H323.

The other major feature - is to disable some originators to send traffic they didn't pay for, i.e to make sure you won't loose money. To accomplish this, softswitch should be tightly combined with billing and control interface. Fortunately, Streamco Smartswitch perfectly suits this demand.

Carrier1 and Carrier 2 have contracted agreements with Carrier3 for VoIP calls termination for his district code. Carrier3 uses Streamco Smartswitch to accomplish this task. He is connected to PSTN and the IP network to reach the end users.