Download is the official website of Streamco. Company's portfolio includes:

  • Smartswitch - a class 4/5 telephony switch with integrated billing and advanced features. You can learn more about system's interface and capabilities using our demo
  • Easy Gentoo - a free Linux distribution, based on Gentoo and Debian installer

Much more information could be found in our Wiki.

Attention! Our company doesn't relate to our previous domain name, which is currently used by other people who doesn't relate to us in any way.

New Smartswitch release: 7.3

2013-08-21 16:21:16
We're glad to present a new release of Smartswitch: 7.3.

In this release:

  • fix and fixes for Call triggers: added new option repeat ring round in (sec)
  • added AMR codec
  • added a feature of filtration in:
  • added rules for writing sum in words for Invoice generation and saying balance for new currency: UAH (Ukrainian hryvna)
  • added new features for Invoice generation:
    • A possibility of specifying bank account details in various locales has been added.
      This is needed to generate invoices in different locales with specifying the same bank account for the payment.
    • added possibility to turn off generation of section "total to pay"
    • added possibility to specify dedicated e-mail for invoices in company's settings
  • fixed issue in Mail detail report.
    Web-interface froze while displaying certain e-mail content.
  • A possibility to delete files with recorded calls using web-interface has been added.
    This is needed to purge space on hard disk drive from old, unneeded records.
  • directory size displaying in File manager has been added
  • changes for Call handler, that allow the latter to be run on recent Java versions
  • Splash controller has been renamed to Origination controller.
  • serious enhancements in security:
    • minimization of number of processes that run with 'root' rights (including Asterisk - it's no loner run with 'root' rights).
    • minimization of number of process which bind an internet port to be available from outer world.
    • added control over the price of the services consumed to Origination controller to minimize consequences after originator has been hacked.
    • fail2ban has been integrated into the system to protect against hacking by password brute-force.
      At this moment SIP and web-interface are protected with it.
    • exim is now used instead of sendmail, which is known for its security vulnerabilities
    • openntpd is now used instead of default ntpd, which is run with 'root' rights
    • access over HTTP has been blocked, only HTTPS is allowed
  • fixes in Call capturing subsystem
  • added possibility to use asynchronous DNS.
    This allows to decrease dependency on the property functioning DNS server for the cases, when peers are described by domain name instead of IP address.
  • fixes and optimization in Profit report
  • for Dial application a new option "PDD timeout" has been added
  • added a new transport for SIP - TLS
  • when e-mail is being sent - UTF-8 encoding is set explicitly in MIME.
    before this change encoding hasn't been set in MIME, which lead to wrong auto-detection of encoding by some of the mail clients with poor auto-detection implementation and therefore displaying unreadable messages.
  • fixed write-off time shifting when performing Periodic write-offs.
    Now write-offs are done precisely in scheduled time.
  • added possibility to turn off error correction for T.38 fax in H.323
  • fixed freeze of mail application
  • an option "user = phone" has been added to SIP peer's settings.
    Previously it was available only in Node settings.
  • a new tool has been added - Delete statistics
  • lots of small fixes and enhancements

New Smartswitch release: 7.2

2013-03-17 10:14:27
We're glad to present a new release of Smartswitch: 7.2.

In this release:

  • A new application mail has been added.
    This application is used for sending mail everywhere in the system.
  • A new experimental feature Fax gateway has been added
  • Fixes for Call capturing, and also automatic file compression into .pcap.gz file format in order to save disk space.
  • Enhancements in Invoice generation subsystem - new options and modes have been added.
  • Fixes for Media proxy
  • In order for Call handler to work from now on Java 7 is needed. Older Java versions become deprecated, therefore we decided to perform a switch.
  • Optimization of work of Statistics report - now this report is generated faster for a set of cases.
  • Optimization of work of Profit report - now this report is generated faster for a set of cases.
  • CDR processing and inserting has been accelerated by spreading the work over several CPUs
  • A MySQL issue in Statistics report has been fixed.
  • New options for SIP protocol has been added:
    • preferred codec only - affects on the codec negotiation mode
    • TCP - SIP over TCP support.
  • Sessions and Channels have been joined into Calls.
    A display mode can by changed on fly using special menu.
  • A new display mode have been added into Calls - Media format.
    With this mode the calls are displayed with codec information.
  • In Termination controller a peer name is passed when composing a notification letter. This name could be used in Mail template of termination control.
  • A new codec has been added - silk (a codec that is used in Skype)
  • Distribution contains updated versions of asterisk-stable and pwlib, where critical issues have been fixed.

New release of Easy Gentoo

2013-02-19 12:37:45
We're glad to introduce a new release of Easy Gentoo: 2013-02-14.

Starting from this release we will produce builds for architectures x86 32-bit and x86 64-bit.

We're moving to new domain

2013-02-14 14:22:52
We're glad to announce that Streamco company moves to a new domain!
All services and servers are moved transparently.
For example,

Old domain will be unavailable since March 1, 2013.

New Smartswitch release: 7.1

2012-12-12 16:54:10
We are glad to present a new 7.0 release of Smartswitch.

In this release:

  • fixed issue with SIP channel loading in SOHO version.
    This regression appeared in release 7.0.
  • a version of web framework Wt, which is used in web interface, has been updated to 3.2.3
  • addded new application Say Money
  • various optimizations and fixes in Call Capturing after experimental testing made by clients
  • added validation of IP addresses which are added in ACL
  • optimization of checking hunting aimed to decrease click count
  • a new experimental interface has been added to в ICE API for operations with database
  • added Hangup cause report
  • many new features, changes and fixes in Invoices system:
    • implemented invoice sending to e-mail by a single click from web-interface;
    • implemented possibility to export parts of invoice to separate files (the actual invoice, the destination code report, the call detail report)
    • implemented feature of export to tar archive
    • implemented a feature of compression of a generated invoice using gzip or bzip2
    • more control over invoice contents
    • a DPF generator has been optimized, especially for big files, such as call detail report
  • enhanced mailing subsystem - e-mails are now being saved in the system together with attachments
  • a new option for SIP - ignoresdpversion has been activated in web-interface. It might be useful for compatibility with some equipments.
  • fixed regression in the Calling cards application related to billing. Regression has appeared in release 7.0.
  • removed necessity of adding Nodes in peers.
    From now on, if node is not specified, it's accounted, that peer is present on all nodes of a cluster.
  • removed necessity of adding Timetable when configuring billing.
    From now on, if timetable is not specified, it's accounted, that billing is active during the whole period.
  • small enhancements in usability of web-interface
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