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  • Smartswitch - a class 4/5 telephony switch with integrated billing and advanced features. You can learn more about system's interface and capabilities using our demo
  • Easy Gentoo - a free Linux distribution, based on Gentoo and Debian installer

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New Smartswitch release: 8.0

2018-07-10 00:00:00
We are glad to introduce to you new 8.0 release of Smartswitch.

In this release:

  • base operating system has been upgraded to FreeBSD-11.2
  • Asterisk version has been upgraded to Asterisk-11.25.3
  • added WebPhone which allows to dial directly from a browser
  • implemented integration with AmoCRM
  • implemented automatic generation and renewal of SSL certificate
  • many enhancements for Virtual PBX solution
  • performance optimization for Call capturing
  • various other new features and fixes.

New Smartswitch release: 7.11

2017-01-04 00:00:00
We are glad to introduce to you new 7.11 release Smartswitch.

In this release:

New Smartswitch release: 7.10

2016-08-18 16:10:48
We are glad to introduce to you new 7.10 release Smartswitch.

In this release:

  • base operating system has been upgraded to FreeBSD-10.3
  • Significant work was done to add configurable default settings.
    This was done to minimize actions when adding a new entity, for example user or company, and to enable changing settings for many entities with single action.
    Changes relate to all subsystems.

  • Significant amount of enhancements and fixes for import and generation of billing packs and checking contract constraints related to price increase deferral have been done.
  • performance enhancements for call recording and pcap call capturing
  • enhancements for Virtual PBX scheme both for user and administrator
  • various other new features and fixes.

New Smartswitch release: 7.9

2016-07-11 17:51:08
We are glad to introduce to you new 7.9 release Smartswitch.

In this release:

Almost 4000 revisions since the release of previous version 7.8!

New Smartswitch release: 7.8

2015-09-03 09:28:20
We're glad to introduce to you new Smartswitch release: 7.8.

In this release:

  • Changes in a system of Routing by destination code.
    Previously system first got matching destination code from billing, and then routed a call by billing code of a destination.
    From now on the routing process is separated from billing - system finds the best matching routing settings basing on full dialed number.
    However linkage to a billing is preserved in a sense, that the call won't be routed by a system if there is no matching code in billing pack.
  • Added possibility of setting simultaneous call limit for destination zones.

  • A system of simultaneous call limitation has been completely rewritten.
    Previously it limited calls with +-1 accuracy, from now on it works extremely accurate.
  • Added possibility of configuring different timetables of invoice generation on per-company and per-user basis.
    Previously invoices have been generated in the same time for all users and companies.

  • Added default call handlers and settings which allow to deploy Virtual PBX and Softswitch solutions through the less number of clicks and settings.
  • Added an option to hide null Code reports and Financial report when grouping by company name.
  • Added a search filter by routes in Route classes
  • Added a range option "show calls with total duration" in a search filter of Call detail report.
  • Implemented "min. symbols" and "max. symbols" limits for Destination codes.
    System will discard calls which contain knowingly wrong numbers.

  • Passwords for VPN and AMI can be stored in encrypted form from now on.
    This enhances system's security.

  • Added a field "description" to Network -> Routes.
  • Added a billing by caller ID for outbound calls to users.
    This is needed for services of providing DIDs to your users.

  • Implemented caller name replacement by replace patterns.
    Previously you could replace only caller number.

  • Added feature of configuring FTP backup.
  • Added to Statistics report new column "duration" (this is billing duration), old column "duration" has been renamed to "real duration".
  • added feature of search by destination code description in Billing packs -> Price-lists -> Prices and Billing packs -> Destination codes
  • Added feature of import/export of destination zones.
    Also you can perform export of Destination codes and import into Destination zones, to initially setup destination zone set.

  • Many fixes in invoice generation - allows to use this feature in various combinations of modes.
  • Added a support of Payment systems and a feature of refill from inside web-cabinet.
    At the moment integration with Paymaster by HTTP protocol has been implemented and it already works in production.

  • Fixes for option "interval between calls" for terminator.
    Previously interval has been calculated as duration between the beginnging or current call and beginning of previous call.
    Now interval is calculated as duration between the beginning of current call and the end of previous call.

  • Implemented a Loop detection system.
  • Added a feature to Check routing right from Call detail report.
    This way you can simply compare the routing which has occurred on a completed call with his routing table according to configuration.

  • Added information about time zone in generated invoice
  • Change of a look of Call triggers.
    Also they've been renamed to Call generators.
    Also new options have been added.

  • Added SIP option "authenticate OPTIONS requests".
    It's needed to interconnect with partners which send SIP OPTIONS to determine your availability before originating call to you.

  • Fixes for IAX technology.
  • Added possibility to manually add Blocked destination codes and Blocked destination zones for terminators.
    This mode should enhance flexibility of blocking which provides Termination controller

  • Added Contacts to company's settings.
    Here you can add contact persons for the company and their contact data.

  • Added possibility to attach files to company's settings, for example, contracts.
  • Added possibility to attach file to a Contact in CRM.
  • Added possibility to send price-list to partner's e-mail with 1 click in format which is recognized by operators (see Price-list with changes).
  • added option "default caller ID" to SIP options.
    This value will be used in case if caller ID is absent.

  • Added possibility to configure HTML text with pictures in Mail templates.
  • Opened AMI command Originate to connect 3rd party CRM systems.
    Standard Originate command from vanilla Asterisk has been modified in order to initiate a call the same way as when initiating Callback through personal web-cabinet, including all limitations and billing.

  • added an IP firewall white-list, to which you can add trusted hosts, in order to not to block them with Fail2Ban

  • Address groups have been renamed to Number pools
  • Destination zones have been added for Route groups -> Members.
    There you can overwrite route priority and traffic portion for particular destination zone.

  • fixed error in cluster configurations - when adding a new file for Music on hold for master server, this wasn't reflected on slave server.
  • added possibility to choose destination zone in a filter in Code report.
  • added an option "write-off when deactivated" inside Periodic write-offs.
    Previously system hasn't written off from deactivated users.
    This option allows to overcome this limitation.

  • Added possibility to re-send e-mail from Mail detail report.
  • Added support for billing pack generation between various formats
  • Bug-fixes for call handler element PrefixAuth which performs Prefix authentication
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