Download is the official website of Streamco. Company's portfolio includes:

  • Smartswitch - a class 4/5 telephony switch with integrated billing and advanced features. You can learn more about system's interface and capabilities using our demo
  • Easy Gentoo - a free Linux distribution, based on Gentoo and Debian installer

Much more information could be found in our Wiki.

Attention! Our company doesn't relate to our previous domain name, which is currently used by other people who doesn't relate to us in any way.

A first call-center installation

2010-01-04 11:22:01
Our company is proud to announce that a first installation and deployment of a call-center has been done!

An orderer of the installation is Kyiv company - the internet-provider with large subscriber base. A call-center on the basis of Smartswitch serves technical support lines of the company.

Also company uses PBX-features of the system, including:

  • IVR menu;
  • virtual fax;
  • voicemail;
  • call recording.

We wish the company success, prosperity and leveling up in the customer support service using our products!

Meet Smartswitch 5.3

2009-11-19 10:28:15

Only 2 months have passed, and we have a new release of innovative system for telephony!

Meet following features in the new release:

  • Configurable outbound call handling.

    Sounds complicated, but really it's very easy. Giving a simple example, where this might be handy.

    Imagine that you have dozen of telephony providers and one of the has awful quality (but cheap) . And you want to notify a user, that the call will go through the bad route in case if hunting choses this provider. It's hard to imagine, how to implement this on similar products, isn't it?

    But we have this configurable very easy, in a matter of few seconds! Simply configure the outbound call handler in the Call handler GUI - add Background node before Dial node.

    And this is just an example. You can configure absolutely custom outbound call handling!

  • Media Proxy.

    This was made by our company from scratch. Similar stuff is absent in a standard Asterisk distribution. This module brings us to a brand new level and therefore we can offer our product to companies with great call amount;

  • Billing packs generation.

    Just imagine, that you have dozens of providers configured, with different price sets on great number of destinations, with different activation times, with different time-based prices (night/day, working/weekend), and, at last, with different currencies. Also, prices update all the time!

    On the other hand, you have to give prices to your customers basing on provider prices taking into account profit margin, in fixed currency , with fixed time-based prices and activation time. And you have to do this beforehand.

    Is this situation similar for you? Manual work seems to be simply impossible in this case. Situation complicates as soon as the number of providers increase.

    Fortunately, with arrival of automatic price-list generator you completely wash your hands off this problem!

    This utility not only generates prices basing on what was said above, but allows to choose the profit margin calculation mode: either relative (in percents) or absolute (in currency);

  • New options for statistics selection;
  • New options for prices selection;
  • Extended regular expressions (perl, sed, literal syntaxes);
  • Possibility of setting the extension for SIP registrations;
  • Extended hangup causes (ISDN codes) in statistics;
  • Added following new PBX functionality:

    • Group pickup;
    • Virtual Fax. You can accept faxes not having a fax-machine at all!

  • Support for queues - solution for the call-centers;
  • Improved mailing subsystem:

    • New possibility to send mail from your company's mail accounts .

      This is needed first and foremost to enable your technical support service to receive answers to the letters, that have been automatically generated by the system (for example, alerts about service degradation, that are being sent to your providers). You could setup mail forwarding on your mail exchanger for this case;

    • A Voicemail to e-mail service;
    • A Fax to e-mail service;
    • The sent mail report.

  • Telemarketing.

    At the moment service is limited with batch SMS sending to specified recipients, but soon we'll have much more functionality here!

1700 revisions in 2 months from the time of last release speak for itself regarding the amount of work done!

New client: FXSEC LTD

2009-11-18 22:37:50

We are glad to announce our new client!

Mutual cooperation has been very useful for both companies. FXSEC LTD got a platform for their innovative startup project called Just SMS. On the other hand, we got lots of new and perspective ideas for our Smartswitch system. Part of those ideas has been already implemented while starting up the project.

FXSEC LTD is an international telephony provider. Basing on the Smartswitch system, company will provide following services all over the world:

  • SMS-based services;
  • IVR access;
  • PC2Phone.

We're looking forward our mutual profitable cooperation and wish the company prosperity!

Next release: Smartswitch 5.2

2009-09-28 20:01:08
Main theme of this release is calling cards platform and users management. A great amount of new features has been implemented:
  • lots of new utilities for users/cards management: batch generation, import, export, deletion etc;
  • refill (recharge) cards: creation, batch generation, management;
  • a possibility to refill for user from:
    • refill cards;
    • another user's account (thus, you don't need to produce cards of two distinct types).
  • a possibility of funds transfer from one user to another by SMS;
  • a possibility to refill for user via:
    • IVR;
    • SMS.
  • a possibility of an automatic funds write-off from the user's account on the time basis (for example, charging monthly subscriber's fee or amortize cost for the leased equipment);
  • callback via:
    • IVR;
    • SMS.
  • full functionality for SMS-managed services:
    • dial;
    • group dial (call forking);
    • speed dial via the private phone book;
    • caller ID registration;
    • refill (recharge);
    • funds transfer;
    • delayed dial.
  • support for conferences;
  • generate calls from web-interface (currently suitable only for testing purposes);
  • authorization of originators by a host pattern (IP address pattern) - allows to enter whole networks using just one entry in the list of originators;
  • authorization of originators by caller ID or by prefix (or by whatever else);
  • bugfixes, bugfixes....

A giant work has been done during last 3 months. More than 1500 revisions from the time of last release have been commited!

New client: Call Relatives

2009-09-17 18:14:42
We are glad to introduce a new client: a Call Relatives from Russian Federation.

Company's field of interest is the international call services for the end users. A Smartswitch product has been successfully installed an integrated into the company's infrastructure.

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