Download is the official website of Streamco. Company's portfolio includes:

  • Smartswitch - a class 4/5 telephony switch with integrated billing and advanced features. You can learn more about system's interface and capabilities using our demo
  • Easy Gentoo - a free Linux distribution, based on Gentoo and Debian installer

Much more information could be found in our Wiki.

Attention! Our company doesn't relate to our previous domain name, which is currently used by other people who doesn't relate to us in any way.

We're moving to new domain

2013-02-14 14:22:52
We're glad to announce that Streamco company moves to a new domain!
All services and servers are moved transparently.
For example,

Old domain will be unavailable since March 1, 2013.

New Smartswitch release: 7.1

2012-12-12 16:54:10
We are glad to present a new 7.0 release of Smartswitch.

In this release:

  • fixed issue with SIP channel loading in SOHO version.
    This regression appeared in release 7.0.
  • a version of web framework Wt, which is used in web interface, has been updated to 3.2.3
  • addded new application Say Money
  • various optimizations and fixes in Call Capturing after experimental testing made by clients
  • added validation of IP addresses which are added in ACL
  • optimization of checking hunting aimed to decrease click count
  • a new experimental interface has been added to в ICE API for operations with database
  • added Hangup cause report
  • many new features, changes and fixes in Invoices system:
    • implemented invoice sending to e-mail by a single click from web-interface;
    • implemented possibility to export parts of invoice to separate files (the actual invoice, the destination code report, the call detail report)
    • implemented feature of export to tar archive
    • implemented a feature of compression of a generated invoice using gzip or bzip2
    • more control over invoice contents
    • a DPF generator has been optimized, especially for big files, such as call detail report
  • enhanced mailing subsystem - e-mails are now being saved in the system together with attachments
  • a new option for SIP - ignoresdpversion has been activated in web-interface. It might be useful for compatibility with some equipments.
  • fixed regression in the Calling cards application related to billing. Regression has appeared in release 7.0.
  • removed necessity of adding Nodes in peers.
    From now on, if node is not specified, it's accounted, that peer is present on all nodes of a cluster.
  • removed necessity of adding Timetable when configuring billing.
    From now on, if timetable is not specified, it's accounted, that billing is active during the whole period.
  • small enhancements in usability of web-interface

New Smartswitch release: 7.0

2012-11-07 17:44:57
We are glad to present a new 7.0 release of Smartswitch.

In this release:

  • a FreeBSD base system version has been updated to 8.3
  • Asterisk version has been updated to 10.4.2
  • versions of all other packages, contained in distribution, have been updated
  • added a new feature of Monitoring
  • fixed issue of too long Profit report generation in some cases
  • fixed issue of export of Refills
  • added new ICE API - writeOff, which allows to perform write-off
  • a new feature - Call capturing has been added in experimental mode
  • enhanced look and feel of web-interface
  • a search of a company by balance and attribute "service provision permitted" has been implemented
  • fixed issue of "ptime" attribute presentation in G.729 for H.323 signalling
  • separately configurable Logging has been implemented for various modules of a system
  • New features in Termination controller:
    • added configurable feature of sending only a warning e-mails, but no real blocking.
    • added possibility of controlling not only distinct destination codes, but a whole peer, on subject of going below the ASR/ACD threshold.
    • implemented possibility of controlling only ASR or ACD without controlling second parameter.
  • added possibility of disabling redirection in user web interface
  • fixes in RADIUS support
  • added search in Route classes->Edit->Destination codes
  • fixes for H.323 for cases when terminator performs reopening of logical channel
  • changes in Call detail report:
    • added information about technology used to perform a call (SIP/H323/DAHDI)
    • added details for fax call. They are shown if fax has been sent or received
    • report generation for users in systems with great amount of CDRs has been optimized
    • external IP address is shown instead of local when the calls are made from NAT
  • fixes in Redo billing
  • added new options to Dial application, which allow caller or callee to turn on call recording with DTMF sequence
  • fixes for Call groups
  • fixed issue with caller ID presentation on terminator for Calling cards
  • fixed issue "called party hears ring-back" in some cases
  • implemented possibility to send fax to e-mail from Queue
  • added feature of storing user passwords in MD5
  • added "previous" and "next" buttons on all elements of web-interface. They are shown if page contains more than 100 lines.
  • added synchronization of recorded calls in a cluster. Whatever is the server on which recording has been performed, you can listen or download file with recording on any of the servers.
  • CDR handling in cluster configurations has been optimized
  • fixed issues in User genareation
  • fixed logic of user activation
  • fixed issue of displaying of widgets
  • added new options for Invoice generation
  • added new widget - Database
  • various internal changes, aimed towards greater performance and better product's architecture

A project management system has been opened for clients

2012-08-29 15:44:19
To provide a transparency of company's activities, and also to involve customers in the developement process, from now on our clients are provided with web access to a company's project management system.

Using web access, a customer can check the status of opened tasks for enhancement, tasks for support and tasks for bug fixes. Also client can leave comments and attach files to each task. This will give client chance to closer participate in development process, giving instructions and guidance for better solution while the task is being performed by our engineers.

When the Streamco's employees leave comment for a task or change its status (for example, closing it), the system automatically sends e-mail.

The tasks, opened for a customerm are confidential. Other customers cannot access them.

We are sure, that presentation of a system of such kind will move the customer service to the new level of quality.

Also this system has public access (not for customers). Under public access everyone can explore public information, such as publicly available projects or Wiki.

New Smartswitch release: 6.6

2012-05-25 13:50:22
We are glad to announce a new 6.6 realase of Smartswitch.

In this release:

  • the possibility to download the file with audio recording by the unauthorized user by file link "guessing" has been eliminated;
  • a CDR saving mode for cluster has been enhanced

    with new mode CDRs are being saved much quicker and don't cause "snow ball" creation on SBC

  • internal changes caused by need for update system's packages;
  • add check for incoming protocol when performing hunting checking in web-interface;
  • a critical issue in DSP element in call handler has been fixed (this element performs analysis of the audio stream to detect FAS);
  • fixes in termination controller;
  • performance optimization by MySQL caching usage;
  • added possibility to connect to the system using AMI protocol (Asterisk Management Interface).

    This allow to integrate existing web-interfaces and applications for Asterisk with the system;

  • fail2ban has been added to distribution.

    This application allows to automatically block through the firewall system intruders, which try to break in the system by SIP login and password brute force;

  • added experimental splash controller.

    This controller detects sudden traffic splashes and informs about the latter system's administrator.
    This functionality might by handy for your customers, for preventing the cases when your client has been hacked and used for sending huge amount of call traffic.

  • RADIUS support has been enhanced;
  • termination controller has been added to gateways.

    Before this it was available for terminators only.

  • Info element from call handler now sets ${EMAIL} variable, which can be used further in call handling logic, for example for sending fax as email attachment.
  • changes in the logic of balance controller.

    When the company's balance goes below threshold value, the alarm email is sent only once. Furthermore email is sent in case if balance went above the threshold, and then went below again.

  • mail templates receive greater amount of variables, which allows usage of more generic email templates
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